Books added 25th November 2017

Making dyslexia work for you
by Vicki Goodwin and Bonita Thomson

Angry all the time : an emergency guide to anger control
by Ronald T. Potter-Efron

An environmental history of Latin America
by Shawn William Miller

Informal lectures on formal semantics
by Emmon Bach

Circadian rhythms : a very short introduction
by Russell Foster and Leon Kreitzman

Politics in the Roman Republic
by Henrik Mouritsen

Formal models of domestic politics
by Scott Gehlbach

Tamta’s world : the life and encounters of a medieval noblewoman from the Middle East to Mongolia
by Antony Eastmond

The natural world in the Exeter Book Riddles
by Corinne Dale

Robert Grosseteste as Bishop of Lincoln : the episcopal rolls, 1235-1253
edited by Philippa M. Hoskin (Old Somervillian)

Anorexia nervosa : a recovery guide for sufferers, families and friends (2nd edn)
by Janet Treasure and June Alexander

Nonhuman voices in Anglo-Saxon literature and material culture
by James Paz

Muslim communities in England 1962-90 : multiculturalism and political identity
by Jed Fazakarley

Overcoming alcohol misuse : a self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques (2nd edn)
by Marcantonio Spada

Narrative subversion in medieval literature
by E.L. Risden

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Books added 24th November 2017

Fair copies : reproducing the English lyric from Tottel to Shakespeare
by Matthew Zarnowiecki

Word and context in Latin poetry : studies in memory of David West
edited by A. J. Woodman and J. Wisse

An introduction to Christine de Pizan
by Nadia Margolis

Tempo e memoria nel Novecento italiano
by Manuela Martellini

How to get a PhD : a handbook for students and their supervisors (6th edn)
by Estelle M. Phillips and Derek S. Pugh ; with contributions from Colin G. Johnson

Western linguistics : an historical introduction
by Pieter A. M. Seuren

Early modern Britain, 1450-1750
by John Miller

The house of government : a saga of the Russian Revolution
by Yuri Slezkine

James Wyatt (1746-1813) : architect to George III
by John Martin Robinson (On Display)

Introduction to psycholinguistics : understanding language science
by Matthew J. Traxler

Milton and the burden of freedom
by Warren Chernaik

Popular culture in the ancient world
edited by Lucy Grig

Die Vita der Christina von Hane : Untersuchung und Edition
by Racha Kirakosian (Old Somervillian; On Display)

Early medieval Ireland, 400-1200 (2nd edn)
by Dáibhí Ó Cróinín

Forging the kingdom : power in English society, 973-1189
by Judith A. Green

A world ablaze : the rise of Martin Luther and the birth of the Reformation
by Craig Harline

Evolution’s bite : a story of teeth, diet, and human origins
by Peter S. Ungar (On Display)

Speaking of universities
by Stefan Collini

The expanding blaze : how the American Revolution ignited the world, 1775-1848
by Jonathan Israel

Semantics and pragmatics : meaning in language and discourse
by K. M. Jaszczolt

Ask a policeman
by Anthony Berkeley, Milward Kennedy, Gladys Mitchell, John Rhode, Dorothy L. Sayers (Old Somervillian) & Helen Simpson

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Books added 23rd November 2017

Mind over mood : change how you feel by changing the way you think (2nd edn)
by Dennis Greenberger and Christine A. Padesky

Neurolinguistics and linguistic aphasiology : an introduction
by David Caplan

Artists and artistic production in Ancient Greece
Kristen Seaman, Peter Schultz (editors)

Russia in flames : war, revolution, civil war, 1914-1921
by Laura Engelstein

The happiness trap : based on ACT – a revolutionary mindfulness-based programme for overcoming stress, anxiety and depression
by Russ Harris ; foreword by Steven Hayes (2 copies)

A university education
by David Willetts

Economics for the common good
by Jean Tirole ; translated by Steven Rendall

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Books added 22nd November 2017


The encounter : drawings from Leonardo to Rembrandt
by Tarnya Cooper & Charlotte Bolland

Publishing the grail in medieval and Renaissance France
by Leah Tether (On Display)

Values, political action, and change in the Middle East and the Arab Spring
by Mansoor Moaddel and Michele J. Gelfand (On Display)

1917 : war, peace, and revolution
by David Stevenson

Unlocking the church : the lost secrets of Victorian sacred space
by William Whyte (On Display)

The Women’s Land Army in First World War Britain
by Bonnie White

Elite women and polite society in eighteenth-century Scotland
by Katharine Glover (On Display)

Houses of power : the places that shaped the Tudor world
by Simon Thurley (On Display)

An introduction to Piers Plowman
by Michael Calabrese

Crime writing in interwar Britain : fact and fiction in the golden age
by Victoria Stewart (On Display)

Understanding jurisprudence : an introduction to legal theory (5th edn)
by Raymond Wacks

The age of noise in Britain : hearing modernity
by James G. Mansell

Sir Bevis of Hampton. 2 vols. (Early English Text Society)
edited from Naples, Biblioteca Nazionale, MS XIII.B.29 and Cambridge, University Library, MS Ff.2.38 by Jennifer Fellows

The Russian revolution, 1917 (3rd edn)
by Rex A. Wade (On Display)

The later seventeenth century (Oxford English literary history ; v.5)
by Margaret J. M. Ezell

Conquest and transformation (Oxford English literary history ; v.1)
by Laura Ashe (On Display)

What is meaning? : fundamentals of formal semantics
by Paul H. Portner

The Penguin dictionary of language
by David Crystal (Confined)

Autosegmental and metrical phonology
by John A. Goldsmith

The floating admiral
by certain members of the Detection Club (including Dorothy L. Sayers, Old Somervillian)

Getting better bite by bite : a survival kit for sufferers of bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorders
by Ulrike Schmidt, Janet Treasure, and June Alexander

Medieval Britain, c. 1000-1500
by David Crouch

Key thinkers in linguistics and the philosophy of language
edited by Siobhan Chapman and Christopher Routledge (On Display)

Selected letters. 2 volumes
by Francesco Petrarca ; translated by Elaine Fantham (Old Somervillian; vol. 1 On Display)

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Books added 17th November 2017

French style : l’accent français de la prose anglaise
by Gilles Philippe

The Roman street : urban life and society in Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Rome
by Jeremy Hartnett

Dinner with Darwin : food, drink, and evolution
by Jonathan Silvertown (On Display)

The anatomy of murder : famous crimes critically considered by members of the Detection Club
by Helen Simpson (and 6 others, including Dorothy L. Sayers, Old Somervillian)

Six against the Yard : in which Margery Allingham, Anthony Berkeley, Freeman Wills Crofts, Father Ronald Knox, Dorothy L. Sayers, Russell Thorndike, commit the crime of murder which ex-Superintendent Cornish, C.I.D. is called upon to solve
by the Detection Club members; Dorothy L. Sayers Old Somervillian (On Display)

When the waves ruled Britannia : geography and political identities, 1500-1800
by Jonathan Scott

Venise, un spectacle d’eau et de pierres : architecture et paysage dans les récits de voyageurs français, 1756-1850
by Laetitia Levantis

textes réunis et présentés par Pascale Auraix-Jonchière

L’Électricité médicale dans la France des Lumières
by François Zanetti

Jean-Jacques Rousseau face au public : problémes d’identitè
by Masano Yamashita

Penser l’Amerique : de l’observation a l’inscription
edité par Nathalie Vuillemin et Thomas Wien

Apollinaire : lettres, calligrammes, manuscrits
by Peter Read

Aristide of Le Figaro
by Mary Munro-Hill

Lettres de noblesse
sous la direction de David Martens (2 vols.)

Louis de Gonzague Frick dans tous ses états : poète, soldat, courriériste, ami
par Stephen Steele et Anne-Françoise Bourreau-Steele

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Books added 16th November 2017

Giovanni Bellini : landscapes of faith in Renaissance Venice
edited by Davide Gasparotto

Thucydides on politics : back to the present
by Geoffrey Hawthorn

Morley of Blackburn : a literary and political biography of John Morley
by Patrick Jackson

Chinese painting and its audiences
by Craig Clunas

Globalisation and development dilemma : reflections from north-east India
edited by M.C. Behera

How do small farmers fare? : evidence from village studies in India
edited by Madhura Swaminathan (Old Somervillian) and Sandipan Baksi (On Display)

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Books added 15th November 2017

Early Greek portraiture : monuments and histories
by Catherine M. Keesling

Greek gods abroad : names, natures, and transformations
by Robert Parker (On Display)

The trouble with empire : challenges to modern British imperialism
by Antoinette Burton (On Display)

Early music : a very short introduction
by Thomas Forrest Kelly

Theogony ; and, Works and days
by Hesiod ; translated from the Greek by Kimberly Johnson

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