Books added 7th March 2018

Medieval anchorites in their communities
edited by Cate Gunn and Liz Herbert McAvoy

Women & power : a manifesto
by Mary Beard

Picturing the apocalypse : the Book of revelation in the arts over two millennia
by Natasha O’Hear and Anthony O’Hear

Future humans : inside the science of our continuing evolution
by Scott Solomon (On Display)

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Books added 2nd March 2018

As kingfishers catch fire : books & birds
by Alex Preston & Neil Gower

Representing the dead : epitaph fictions in late-medieval France
by Helen J. Swift

Wild swimming walks : 28 lake, river and seaside days out by train from London
by Kenwood Ladies Pond Association ; editor: Margaret Dickinson

Cultivating victory : the Women’s Land Army and the Victory Garden movement
by Cecilia Gowdy-Wygant

The last Hindu emperor : Prithviraj Chauhan and the Indian past, 1200-2000
by Cynthia Talbot

The dancing lares and the serpent in the garden : religion at the Roman street corner
by Harriet I. Flower (On Display)

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Books added 1st March 2018

In Byron’s wake : the turbulent lives of Lord Byron’s wife and daughter : Annabella Milbanke and Ada Lovelace
by Miranda Seymour (On Display)

The history of emotions
by Rob Boddice

The evolution of the British welfare state : a history of social policy since the Industrial Revolution (5th edn)
by Derek Fraser

Christabel Pankhurst : a biography
by June Purvis (On Display)

The Geography of Strabo
translated by Duane W. Roller

The century girls : the final word from the women who’ve lived the last hundred years of British history
by Tessa Dunlop (includes chapter on Joyce Reynolds, Old Somervillian; On Display)

Emotion in Old Norse literature : translations, voices, contexts
by Sif Rikhardsdottir (On Display)

Graphic devices and the early decorated book
edited by Michelle P. Brown, Ildar H. Garipzanov and Benjamin C. Tilghman (On Display)

Balloon madness : flights of imagination in Britain, 1783-1786
by Clare Brant (On Display)

Where three worlds met : Sicily in the early medieval Mediterranean
by Sarah Davis-Secord (On Display)

Ptolemy I : king and pharaoh of Egypt
by Ian Worthington (On Display)

Emergency planning and response for libraries, archives and museums
by Emma Dadson

Living and learning in peace and war
by Jo Vellacott (Old Somervillian; On Display)

The reading cure : how books restored my appetite
by Laura Freeman

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Books added 28th February 2018

How to survive a plague : the story of how activists and scientists tamed AIDS
by David France (On Display)

The voices within : the history and science of how we talk to ourselves
by Charles Fernyhough

Silius Italicus, Punica 2
edited with an introduction, translation, and commentary by Neil W. Bernstein

The weaponization of trade : the great unbalancing of politics and economics
by Rebecca Harding and Jack Harding

The moral philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe
edited by Luke Gormally, David Albert Jones, and Roger Teichmann; Elizabeth Anscombe Old Somervillian (On Display)

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Books added 27th February 2018

Imagining the divine : art and the rise of world religions
by Jaś Elsner, Stefanie Lenk and nine others

Fabergé and the Russian crafts tradition : an empire’s legacy
by Margaret Kelly Trombly with William R. Johnston, Karen Kettering, Robert Mintz, Diana Scarisbrick (On Display)

July crisis : the world’s descent into war, summer 1914
by T.G. Otte

Big data : a revolution that will transform how we live, work and think
by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Kenneth Cukier

After the last sky : Palestinian lives
by Edward W. Said ; photographs by Jean Mohr

Mothers of the nation : women, families, and nationalism in twentieth-century Europe
by Patrizia Albanese (On Display)

The unforgotten sisters : female astronomers and scientists before Caroline Herschel
by Gabriella Bernardi (On Display)

Help! : how to become slightly happier and get a little more done
by Oliver Burkeman

Literature and science : a reader’s guide to essential criticism
by Martin Willis

Why I read : the serious pleasure of books
by Wendy Lesser (2 copies)

A life of my own
by Claire Tomalin (On Display)

Forging the American Nation, 1787-1791 : James Madison and the Federalist Revolution
by Shlomo Slonim

John Keats and the medical imagination
Nicholas Roe, editor

Reinventing couples : tradition, agency and bricolage
by Julia Carter and Simon Duncan

Oscar Wilde and the cultures of childhood
Joseph Bristow, editor

Distributed creativity : collaboration and improvisation in contemporary music
edited by Eric F. Clarke and Mark Doffman

How emotions are made : the secret life of the brain
by Lisa Feldman Barrett (On Display)

Overcoming perfectionism : a self-help guide using cognitive behavioral techniques
by Roz Shafran, Sarah Egan and Tracey Wade

Tristan und Isold
by Gottfried von Strassburg ; herausgegeben von Walter Haug und Manfred Günter Scholz ; mit dem Text des Thomas, herausgegeben, übersetzt und kommentiert von Walter Haug (2 vols.)

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Books added 26th February 2018

On display : Henrietta Maria and the materials of magnificence at the Stuart court
by Erin Griffey

True to life : British realist painting in the 1920s & 1930s
by Patrick Elliott and Sacha Llewellyn

Handbook of computational social choice
edited by Felix Brandt, Vincent Conitzer, Ulle Endriss, Jerome Lang and Ariel D. Procaccia (On Display)

A companion to the Etruscans
edited by Sinclair Bell and Alexandra A. Carpino

Music and shape
edited by Daniel Leech-Wilkinson and Helen M. Prior

Helena Normanton and the opening of the Bar to women
by Judith Bourne ; with a foreword by Mary Jane Mossman

Gainsborough : a portrait
by James Hamilton

Discovering William of Malmesbury
edited by Rodney M. Thomson, Emily Dolmans and Emily A. Winkler

A commentary on Silius Italicus’ Punica 10
edited with introduction, translation, and commentary by R. Joy Littlewood (On Display)

Ancient sex : new essays
edited by Ruby Blondell and Kirk Ormand

Queens matter in early modern studies
edited by Anna Riehl Bertolet (On Display)

Languages after Brexit : how the UK speaks to the world
Michael Kelly, editor (On Display)

A boy’s own story
by Edmund White ; with an introduction by Alan Hollinghurst

Women in British politics, c.1689-1979
by Krista Cowman

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Books added 23rd February 2018

Canaletto & the art of Venice
by Lucy Whitaker and Rosie Razzall ; with contributions by Niko Munz and Claire Chorley

Captain Cook and the Pacific : art, exploration & empire
by John McAleer and Nigel Rigby

The country house library
by Mark Purcell

Charles I : king and collector
exhibition organisers, Per Rumberg and Desmond Shawe-Taylor (On Display)

Charles II : art & power
edited by Rufus Bird and Martin Clayton

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