Books added 6th June 2017

Bosch & Bruegel : from enemy painting to everyday life
by Joseph Leo Koerner

George Stubbs, 1724-1806 : science into art
edited by Herbert W. Rott

Representative government in modern Europe (5th edn)
by Michael Gallagher, Michael Laver and Peter Mair

Coalition : the inside story of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government
by David Laws

Congress reconsidered (11th edn)
Lawrence C. Dodd, Bruce I. Oppenheimer, editors

The glossa ordinaria on the Song of songs
translated with an introduction and notes by Mary Dove (Old Somervillian; On Display)

Jane Welsh Carlyle and her Victorian world : a story of love, work, friendship and marriage
by Kathy Chamberlain

The Tea Party : a brief history
by Ronald P. Formisano

Harold Wilson : the unprincipled Prime Minister? : reappraising Harold Wilson
edited by Andrew S. Crines & Kevin Hickson

And I’d do it again
by Aimée Crocker (On Display)

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Books added 5th June 2017

Picasso portraits
by Elizabeth Cowling (On Display)

Michelangelo & Sebastiano
by Matthias Wivel

The work of the dead : a cultural history of mortal remains
by Thomas W. Laqueur (On Display)

The ultimate ambition in the arts of erudition : a compendium of knowledge from the classical Islamic world
by Shihab al-Din al-Nuwayri ; edited, translated and with an introduction and notes by Elias Muhanna

The Italian inquisition
by Christopher F. Black

New boy : Othello retold
by Tracy Chevalier (On Display)

The natural history of Edward Lear (1812-1888)
by Robert McCracken Peck ; with a foreword by David Attenborough (On Display)

Type is beautiful : the story of fifty remarkable fonts
by Simon Loxley

“Keep the damned women out” : the struggle for coeducation
by Nancy Weiss Malkiel

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Books added week commencing 29th May 2017

The changing character of war
edited by Hew Strachan and Sibylle Scheipers

The romance between Greece and the East
edited by Tim Whitmarsh and Stuart Thomson (includes chapters by Stephanie west (Old Somervillian) and Stephanie Dalley (Senior Research Fellow)

Warrior churchmen of medieval England, 1000-1250 : theory and reality
by Craig M. Nakashian

Nationalism and war
by John Hutchinson (On Display)

The riddle of the image : the secret science of medieval art
by Spike Bucklow

Undoing gender
by Judith Butler (On Display)

Small dictionaries and curiosity : lexicography and fieldwork in post-medieval Europe
by John Considine (On Display)

Feminism is for everybody : passionate politics
by bell hooks

Anatomy of authoritarianism in the Arab republics
by Joseph Sassoon (On Display)

Self control
by Mary Brunton ; edited by Anthony Mandal (On Display)

Chocolate as medicine : a quest over the centuries
by Philip K. Wilson and W. Jeffrey Hurst (On Display)

From Hittite to Homer : the Anatolian background of ancient Greek epic
by Mary R. Bachvarova

Aleppo : the rise and fall of Syria’s great merchant city
by Philip Mansel

Mathematical population genetics
by Warren J. Ewens

Italian women writers, 1800-2000 : boundaries, borders, and transgression
edited by Patrizia Sambuco

Early Arabic poetry : select poems
edition, translation and commentary by Alan Jones

The construction of vernacular history in the Anglo-Norman prose Brut chronicle : the manuscript culture of late medieval England
by Julia Marvin

Women in Mycenaean Greece : the Linear B tablets from Pylos and Knossos
by Barbara A. Olsen (On Display)

Gregory the Great : ascetic, pastor, and first man of Rome
by George E. Demacopoulos

Wycliffite controversies
edited by Mishtooni Bose and J. Patrick Hornbeck II

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Books added 26th May 2017

Probability models for DNA sequence evolution
by Rick Durrett

The twelfth-century Renaissance : a reader
edited by Alex J. Novikoff

Classical philosophy
by Peter Adamson

Desert songs of the night : 1500 years of Arabic literature
edited by Suheil Bushrui & James M. Malarkey ; in collaboration with C. Bayan Bruss

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Books added 25th May 2017

The history of mathematics : brief version
by Victor J. Katz

Philosophy in the Islamic world
by Peter Adamson

The parade’s gone by…
by Kevin Brownlow

A first course in Bayesian statistical methods
by Peter D. Hoff

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Books added 24th May 2017

Cultural reformations : medieval and Renaissance in literary history
edited by Brian Cummings and James Simpson

Anna Maria Ortese : celestial geographies
edited by Gian Maria Annovi and Flora Ghezzo ; with an interview with the author by Dacia Maraini (On Display)

Crash course: Paediatrics (4th edn)
by Rajat Kapoor and Katy Barnes

An introduction to Arab poetics
by Adonis ; translated from the Arabic by Catherine Cobham

1000 days on the River Kwai : the secret diary of a British camp commandant
by Colonel Cary Owtram OBE; edited by Patricia Davies (Owtram, Old Somervillian; On Display)

Chronicles of the investiture contest : Frutolf of Michelsberg and his continuators
translated by T.J.H. McCarthy

A trick to catch the old one
by Thomas Middleton ; edited by Paul A. Mulholland

British queer history : new approaches and perspectives
edited by Brian Lewis (On Display)

Modern women on trial : sexual transgression in the age of the flapper
by Lucy Bland

Gender, nation and conquest in the high Middle Ages : Nest of Deheubarth
by Susan M. Johns

Women, travel and identity : journeys by rail and sea, 1870-1940
by Emma Robinson-Tomsett (On Display)

Conservatism for the Democratic Age : Conservative Cultures and the Challenge of Mass Politics in Early Twentieth Century England
by David Thackeray

The Levellers : radical political thought in the English Revolution
by Rachel Foxley

Formal matters : reading the materials of English Renaissance literature
edited by Allison K. Deutermann and András Kiséry

Runes and Roman letters in Anglo-Saxon manuscripts
by Victoria Symons (On Display)

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Books added 23rd May 2017

A most masculine state : gender, politics and religion in Saudi Arabia
by Madawi Al-Rasheed (On Display)

The Cambridge companion to Boccaccio
edited by Guyda Armstrong, Rhiannon Daniels, and Stephen J. Milner

Ancient worlds : an epic history of East & West
by Michael Scott

Shifting social imaginaries in the Hellenistic period : narrations, practices, and images
edited by Eftychia Stavrianopoulou (On Display)

Java 8 in action : lambdas, streams, and functional-style programming
by Raoul-Gabriel Urma, Mario Fusco and Alan Mycroft

The endocrine system at a glance (3rd edn)
by Ben Greenstein and Diana Wood

The respiratory system at a glance (4th edn)
by Jeremy P.T. Ward, Jane Ward and Richard M. Leach

Psychiatry at a glance (6th edn)
by Cornelius Katona, Claudia Cooper and Mary Robertson

Neonatology at a glance (3rd edn)
editors Tom Lissauer, Avroy A. Fanaroff, Lawrence Miall and Jonathan Fanaroff

The reproductive system at a glance (4th edn)
by Linda J. Heffner and Danny J. Schust

Paediatrics at a glance (4th edn)
by Lawrence Miall, Mary Rudolf and Dominic Smith

Immunology at a glance (10th edn)
by J.H.L. Playfair and B.M. Chain

Surgery at a glance (5th edn)
by Pierce Grace and Neil R. Borley

Beethoven for a later age : the journey of a string quartet
by Edward Dusinberre

Avicenna and the Aristotelian tradition : introduction to reading Avicenna’s philosophical works
by Dimitri Gutas

New Cambridge statistical tables (2nd edn)
by D.V. Lindley & W.F. Scott (5 copies)

Philosophy in the Hellenistic and Roman worlds
by Peter Adamson (On Display)

Westphalia : the last Christian peace
by Derek Croxton

French Mediterraneans : transnational and imperial histories
edited and with an introduction by Patricia M.E. Lorcin and Todd Shepard

Luther und die deutsche Sprache : 500 Jahre deutsche Sprachgeschichte im Lichte der neueren Forschung
von Werner Besch

Mittelhochdeutsche Heldenepik : eine Einführung
von Elisabeth Lienert

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