Books added 17th October 2017

Women wanderers and the writing of mobility, 1784-1814
by Ingrid Horrocks (On Display)

Insolvency law : corporate and personal (4th edn)
by Andrew R. Keay, Peter Walton

The Anglo-German correspondence of Vernon Lee and Irene Forbes-Mosse during World War I : women writers’ friendship transcending enemy lines
edited by Herward Sieberg and Christa Zorn ; with a foreword by Phyllis F. Mannocchi

Group theory for chemists
by George Davidson (2 copies; 3rd on order)

Evaluating empire and confronting colonialism in eighteenth-century Britain
by Jack P. Greene (On Display)

Britain, Ireland, and Continental Europe in the eighteenth century : similarities, connections, identities
by Stephen Conway

Attack of the 50 ft. women : how gender equality can save the world!
by Catherine Mayer (On Display)

No country for old men
by Cormac McCarthy

An immigration history of Britain : multicultural racism since 1800
by Panikos Panayi

Political order and political decay : from the industrial revolution to the globalization of democracy
by Francis Fukuyama

Greek political imagery from Homer to Aristotle
by Roger Brock (On Display)

The time machine
by H.G. Wells ; edited with an introduction and notes by Roger Luckhurst

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