Books added week beginning 24th July 2017

Archaeology and Homeric epic
edited by Susan Sherratt and John Bennet
(includes chapter by Stephanie Dalley, FS)

Ecocriticism in the modernist imagination : Forster, Woolf, and Auden
by Kelly Sultzbach

Science, fiction, and the fin-de-siècle periodical press
by Will Tattersdill

The Hellenistic Far East : archaeology, language, and identity in Greek Central Asia
by Rachel Mairs

Cosmos and community in early medieval art
by Benjamin Anderson

Privatizing water : governance failure and the world’s urban water crisis
by Karen Bakker
(d.d. Philip Behrens)

Horace’s Epodes : contexts, intertexts and reception
edited by Philippa Bather and Claire Stocks

Staging memory, staging strife : empire and civil war in the Octavia
by Lauren Donovan Ginsberg

Euripides and the gods
by Mary Lefkowitz

Etymology and the invention of English in early modern literature
by Hannah Crawforth

Thinking about free will
by Peter van Inwagen

Europe’s India : words, people, empires, 1500-1800
by Sanjay Subrahmanyam

Feeling like saints : Lollard writings after Wyclif
by Fiona Somerset

Latinity and identity in Anglo-Saxon literature
edited by Rebecca Stephenson and Emily V. Thornbury


About Sue Purver

I'm Assistant Librarian at Somerville College, Oxford.
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