Books added week commencing 17th July 2017

The Mongols’ Middle East : continuity and transformation in Ilkhanid Iran
edited by Bruno De Nicola and Charles Melville

Metaphysics : an anthology (2nd edn)
edited by Jaegwon Kim, Daniel Z. Korman and Ernest Sosa

Language acquisition and connectionism
edited by Kim Plunkett

An introduction to syntax
by Robert D. Van Valin, Jr

Lexical-functional grammar : an introduction to parallel constraint-based syntax
by Yehuda N. Falk (On Display)

Analyzing grammar : an introduction
by Paul R. Kroeger

How to study law (8th edn)
by Anthony Bradney, Fiona Cownie, Judith Masson, Alan C. Neal and David Newell

Medievalism : the Middle Ages in modern England
by Michael Alexander

The Mongols & the Islamic world : from conquest to conversion
by Peter Jackson (On Display)

The concise Oxford dictionary of linguistics (3rd edn)
by P.H. Matthews

Linguistic variation and change
by Scott F. Kiesling

The literature of Al-Andalus
edited by María Rosa Menocal, Raymond P. Scheindlin and Michael Sells

Religion, learning and science in the ʿAbbasid period
edited by M.J.L. Young, J.D. Latham and R.B. Serjeant

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