Books added 5th July 2017

The Yezidis : the history of a community, culture and religion
by Birgül Açikyildiz

Virginia Woolf’s modernist path : her middle diaries & the diaries she read
by Barbara Lounsberry (On Display)

Cell biology (3rd edition)
by Thomas D. Pollard et al.

Delacroix : and the rise of modern art
edited by Patrick Noon and Christopher Riopelle

Editing early modern women
edited by Sarah C.E. Ross and Paul Salzman (On Display)

Statistical thermodynamics (2nd edn)
by Andrew Maczek and Anthony Meijer (3 copies, 4th on order)

Sustainable diets : how ecological nutrition can transform consumption and the food system
by Pamela Mason and Tim Lang (On Display)

Elements of physical chemistry (7th edn)
by Peter Atkins and Julio De Paula ; with contributions from David Smith (3 copies)

An introduction to medicinal chemistry (6th edn)
by Graham Patrick

Persian painting : the arts of the book and portraiture
by Adel T. Adamova and Manijeh Bayani ; editor: Salam Kaoukji ; photography and photo-editing: Muhammad Ali

The dictionary of the book : a glossary for book collectors, booksellers, librarians, and others
by Sidney E. Berger

Dante, Boccaccio, l’origine : sei studi e una introduzione
by Giuseppe Chiecchi

by Guido Cavalcanti ; con le Rime di Iacopo Cavalcanti ; a cura di Domenico de Robertis ; con una portfazione di Giuseppe Marrani e Natascia Tonelli ; ristampa a cura di Paolo Borsa

Tu che mi guardi, tu che mi racconti : filosofia della narrazione
by Adriana Cavarero

Bentham : selected writings of John Dinwiddy
edited with an introduction by William Twining

Cultural reception, translation and transformation from medieval to modern Italy : essays in honour of Martin McLaughlin
edited by Guido Bonsaver, Brian Richardson and Giuseppe Stellardi (includes contributions by Vilmer de Gasperin and Manuele Gragnolati (both FS; On Display)

Magna Carta : origins and legacy
by Nicholas Vincent

MLA handbook (8th edn)
by the Modern Language Association of America

The law of nations in global history
by C.H. Alexandrowicz ; edited by David Armitage and Jennifer Pitts (On Display)

Scottish Episcopal Acta. Volume I, The twelfth century
edited by Norman F. Shead

Kings and bishops in medieval England, 1066-1216
by Roger Wickson

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