Books added 16th June 2017

The great convergence : information technology and the new globalization
by Richard Baldwin (On Display)

An introduction to feminism
by Lorna Finlayson

Kissinger. 1923-1968, the idealist
by Niall Ferguson

Nietzsche’s great politics
by Hugo Drochon

The language animal : the full shape of the human linguistic capacity
by Charles Taylor (On Display)

International relations theory : the game-theoretic approach
by Andrew H. Kydd

Jurisdiction and the internet: a study of regulatory competence over online activity
by Uta Kohl

How to do things with pornography
by Nancy Bauer (On Display)

International politics and institutions in time
by Orfeo Fioretos

China under Mao : a revolution derailed
by Andrew G. Walder

Spinning fates and the song of the loom : the use of textiles, clothing and cloth production as metaphor, symbol and narrative device in Greek and Latin literature
edited by Giovanni Fanfani, Mary Harlow and Marie-Louise Nosch

The abbots and priors of late medieval and Reformation England
by Martin Heale

Philosophical foundations of contract law
edited by Gregory Klass, George Letsas and Prince Saprai

The cosmos of duty : Henry Sidgwick’s Methods of ethics
by Roger Crisp (On Display)

Beauty : the fortunes of an ancient Greek idea
by David Konstan

Senses of the subject
by Judith Butler

The idea of Israel : a history of power and knowledge
by Ilan Pappe

Italian Renaissance diplomacy : a sourcebook
edited by Monica Azzolini and Isabella Lazzarini

Cultures of correspondence in early modern Britain
edited by James Daybell and Andrew Gordon (On Display)

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