Books added 13th June 2017

The laws of Solon : a new edition with introduction, translation and commentary
by Delfim F. Leão and P.J. Rhodes

Economics of the family
by Martin Browning, Pierre-André Chiappori and Yoram Weiss (On Display)

Hume : an intellectual biography
by James A. Harris

A natural history of human morality
by Michael Tomasello

Women and modesty in late antiquity
by Kate Wilkinson

Oscan in southern Italy and Sicily : evaluating language contact in a fragmentary corpus
by Katherine McDonald

Griffin on human rights
edited by Roger Crisp (On Display)

Zurbarán : a new perspective
curators: Odile Delenda and Mar Borobia

Ockham’s razors : a user’s manual
by Elliott Sober

How did we get into this mess? : politics, equality, nature
by George Monbiot

The battle for Syria : international rivalry in the new Middle East
by Christopher Phillips

Civil wars : a history in ideas
by David Armitage (On Display)

Scale : the universal laws of life and death in organisms, cities and companies
by Geoffrey West (On Display)

A government that worked better and cost less? : evaluating three decades of reform and change in UK central government
by Christopher Hood and Ruth Dixon (On Display)

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