Books added 6th June 2017

Bosch & Bruegel : from enemy painting to everyday life
by Joseph Leo Koerner

George Stubbs, 1724-1806 : science into art
edited by Herbert W. Rott

Representative government in modern Europe (5th edn)
by Michael Gallagher, Michael Laver and Peter Mair

Coalition : the inside story of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government
by David Laws

Congress reconsidered (11th edn)
Lawrence C. Dodd, Bruce I. Oppenheimer, editors

The glossa ordinaria on the Song of songs
translated with an introduction and notes by Mary Dove (Old Somervillian; On Display)

Jane Welsh Carlyle and her Victorian world : a story of love, work, friendship and marriage
by Kathy Chamberlain

The Tea Party : a brief history
by Ronald P. Formisano

Harold Wilson : the unprincipled Prime Minister? : reappraising Harold Wilson
edited by Andrew S. Crines & Kevin Hickson

And I’d do it again
by Aimée Crocker (On Display)

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