Books added 24th May 2017

Cultural reformations : medieval and Renaissance in literary history
edited by Brian Cummings and James Simpson

Anna Maria Ortese : celestial geographies
edited by Gian Maria Annovi and Flora Ghezzo ; with an interview with the author by Dacia Maraini (On Display)

Crash course: Paediatrics (4th edn)
by Rajat Kapoor and Katy Barnes

An introduction to Arab poetics
by Adonis ; translated from the Arabic by Catherine Cobham

1000 days on the River Kwai : the secret diary of a British camp commandant
by Colonel Cary Owtram OBE; edited by Patricia Davies (Owtram, Old Somervillian; On Display)

Chronicles of the investiture contest : Frutolf of Michelsberg and his continuators
translated by T.J.H. McCarthy

A trick to catch the old one
by Thomas Middleton ; edited by Paul A. Mulholland

British queer history : new approaches and perspectives
edited by Brian Lewis (On Display)

Modern women on trial : sexual transgression in the age of the flapper
by Lucy Bland

Gender, nation and conquest in the high Middle Ages : Nest of Deheubarth
by Susan M. Johns

Women, travel and identity : journeys by rail and sea, 1870-1940
by Emma Robinson-Tomsett (On Display)

Conservatism for the Democratic Age : Conservative Cultures and the Challenge of Mass Politics in Early Twentieth Century England
by David Thackeray

The Levellers : radical political thought in the English Revolution
by Rachel Foxley

Formal matters : reading the materials of English Renaissance literature
edited by Allison K. Deutermann and András Kiséry

Runes and Roman letters in Anglo-Saxon manuscripts
by Victoria Symons (On Display)

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