Books added 20th March 2017

Weeping Britannia : portrait of a nation in tears
by Thomas Dixon (On Display)

The Hellenistic age
by Peter Thonemann

Words like daggers : violent female speech in Early Modern England
by Kirilka Stavreva

Taste as experience : the philosophy and aesthetics of food
by Nicola Perullo (On Display)

Aldo Manuzio : la costruzione del mito = Aldus Manutius : the making of the myth
a cura di Mario Infelise; includes chapter by Oren Margolis (Fellow; On Display)

Greek myths in Roman art and culture: imagery, values and identity in Italy, 50 BC-AD 250
by Zahra Newby (On Display)

Understanding children’s development (6th edn)
by Peter K. Smith, Helen Cowie and Mark Blades

The original position
edited by Timothy Hinton

Cathars in question
by Antonio Sennis (On Display)

The Cambridge introduction to Thomas Mann
by Todd Kontje

The settlement of international disputes : basic documents
compiled by Christian J. Tams and Antonios Tzanakopoulos

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