Books added 28th February-3rd March 2017

Reading Cy Twombly : poetry in paint
by Mary Jacobus

An aid to the MRCP PACES. Vol. 2, Stations 2 and 4
by Dev Banerjee et al.

Voices of the people in nineteenth-century France
by David Hopkin

Raw deal : how the “Uber economy” and runaway capitalism are screwing American workers
by Steven Hill

Textbook on land law
by Judith-Anne MacKenzie and Mary Phillips

Numerical methods for conservation laws
by Randall J. LeVeque

Oxford : mapping the city
by Daniel MacCannell (On Display)

Botticelli and treasures from the Hamilton collection
edited by Dagmar Korbacher ; with contributions by Stephanie Buck, Dagmar Korbacher and Frauke Steenbock with Beatrice Alai and Georg Josef Dietz

The people’s galleries : art museums and exhibitions in Britain, 1800-1914
by Giles Waterfield (On Display)

Ravenna in late antiquity
by Deborah Mauskopf Deliyannis

Paul Nash
edited by Emma Chambers (On Display)

Visions of paradise : Botticini’s Palmieri altarpiece
by Jennifer Sliwka

Van Dyck : the anatomy of portraiture
by Stijn Alsteens and Adam Eaker ; with contributions by An Van Camp, Xavier F. Salomon, and Bert Watteeuw

Training in medicine
edited by Elaine Jolly, Andrew Fry, Afzal Chaudhry

Cardiology (4th edn)
by Antonia Churchhouse and Julian Ormerod

An aid to the MRCP PACES (4th edn)
by R.E.J. Ryder et al. (Vol. 3, Station 5)

Essential revision notes for MRCP (4th edn)
edited by Philip A. Kalra

The death of expertise : the campaign against established knowledge and why it matters
by Tom Nichols (On Display)

Anna — Charlotte
by Clare Mallory (Old Somervillian ; On Display)

Candy Nevill
by Clare Mallory (Old Somervillian)

Fisiologia della passione : poesia d’amore e medicina da Cavalcanti a Boccaccio
by Natascia Tonelli (On Display)

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