Books added 7th/8th February 2017

Edward Lear and the play of poetry
edited by James Williams and Matthew Bevis

The beginnings of English Protestantism
edited by Peter Marshall and Alec Ryrie (On Display)

Complete plays
by Sarah Kane

State formation in early modern England, c. 1550-1700
by Michael J. Braddick

Aphrodite Terra : stories about Venus
edited by Ian Sales; includes chapter by Rosie Oliver (Old Somervillian; On Display)

Vander’s renal physiology (8th edn)
by Douglas C. Eaton and John P. Pooler

The holy city of Medina : sacred space in early Islamic Arabia
by Harry Munt (On Display)

Thomas Muir of Huntershill : essays for the twenty first century
edited by Gerard Carruthers and Don Martin

Coleridge and the Romantic newspaper : the Morning Post and the route to ‘Dejection’
by Heidi Thomson

Basic simple type theory
by J. Roger Hindley

An introduction to law (8th edn)
by Phil Harris (2 copies)

Explorations : through the wormhole
includes chapter by Rosie Oliver (Old Somervillian)

Renal and electrolyte disorders (7th edn)
edited by Robert W. Schrier

The transatlantic century : Europe and America, 1890-2010
by Mary Nolan

The one King Lear
by Brian Vickers (On Display)

The description logic handbook : theory, implementation, and applications
edited by Franz Baader et al.

Fire and blood : the European civil war 1914-1945
by Enzo Traverso ; translated by David Fernbach (On Display)

The origins of the Shīʿa : identity, ritual, and sacred space in eighth-century Kūfa
by Najam Haider

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