Books added 22nd February 2018

Linnaeus, natural history and the circulation of knowledge
edited by Hanna Hodacs, Kenneth Nyberg and Stéphane Van Damme

From provincial savant to Parisian naturalist : the recollections of Pierre-Joseph Amoreux (1741-1824)
edited and introduced by Laurence Brockliss

Compassion’s edge : fellow-feeling and its limits in early modern France
by Katherine Ibbett (On Display)

Spain in British Romanticism : 1800-1840
Diego Saglia, Ian Haywood, editors

30-second meteorology : the 50 most significant events and phenomena, each explained in half a minute
editor, Adam A. Scaife ; contrib. by Joanna Haigh, Old Somervillian (On Display)

Untutored lines : the making of the English epyllion
by William P. Weaver

Cézanne portraits
by John Elderfield ; with Mary Morton, Xavier Rey ; contributions by Alex Danchev, Jayne S. Warman

Charles Tunnicliffe prints : a catalogue raisonné
by Robert Meyrick and Harry Heuser (On Display)

Silent witnesses : trees in British art, 1760-1870
by Christiana Payne

Ravilious & co : the pattern of friendship
by Andy Friend ; with an introduction by Alan Powers (On Display)

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Books added 20th February 2018

2084 : the end of the world
by Boualem Sansal ; translated from the French by Alison Anderson

Reading Conrad
by J. Hillis Miller ; edited by John G. Peters and Jakob Lothe

Mary Shelley
by Angela Wright

Routledge philosophy guidebook to Anscombe’s Intention
by Rachael Wiseman (Elizabeth Anscombe Old Somervillian; On Display)

Shakespeare’s workplace : essays on Shakespearean theatre
by Andrew Gurr

On the agora : the evolution of a public space in Hellenistic and Roman Greece (c. 323 BC – 267 AD)
by Christopher P. Dickenson

Bride of ice : new selected poems
by Marina Tsvetaeva ; translated by Elaine Feinstein

A lab of one’s own : science and suffrage in the First World War
by Patricia Fara

Rise up women! : the remarkable lives of the Suffragettes
by Diane Atkinson (On Display)

Creation and the function of art : technē, poiesis and the problem of aesthetics
by Jason Tuckwell (On Display)

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Books added 19th February 2018

Atkins’ physical chemistry (11th edn)
by Peter Atkins, Julio de Paula and James Keeler (6 copies)

The Israel-Palestine conflict : one hundred years of war (3rd edn)
by James L. Gelvin

The Cambridge companion to literature and the environment
edited by Louise Westling

Enlightenment and religion in German and Austrian literature
by Ritchie Robertson (On Display)

Shakespeare’s sonnets and poems : a very short introduction
by Jonathan F.S. Post

Chaucer’s Decameron and the origin of the Canterbury Tales
by Frederick M. Biggs (On Display)

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Books added 15th/16th February 2018

The world of the Stonors : a gentry society
by Elizabeth Noble

On the plaza : the politics of public space and culture
by Setha M. Low

Against the grain : a deep history of the earliest states
by James C. Scott (On Display)

A history of European literature : the West and the world from antiquity to the present
by Walter Cohen (On Display)

Through the woods : the English woodland – April to April
by H.E. Bates; Illustrated by Agnes Miller Parker

L’Italia dei trovatori
a cura di Paolo Di Luca e Marco Grimaldi

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Books added 14th February 2018

How Shakespeare put politics on the stage : power and succession in the history plays
by Peter Lake

Material texts in early modern England
by Adam Smyth (On Display)

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Books added 13th February 2018

Edge of the orison : in the traces of John Clare’s ‘journey out of Essex’
by Iain Sinclair

Berkeley’s A treatise concerning the principles of human knowledge : an introduction
by P.J.E. Kail

Russian absurd : selected writings
by Daniil Kharms ; translated from the Russian by Alex Cigale

A chill in the air : an Italian war diary 1939-1940
by Iris Origo ; introduction by Lucy Hughes-Hallett ; with an afterword by Katia Lysy (On Display)

Meeting the universe halfway : quantum physics and the entanglement of matter and meaning
by Karen Barad

Polybius book I : a commentary
by David D. Phillips

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Books added 9th February 2018

Letters of Sylvia Plath. Volume 1: 1940-1956
by Sylvia Plath ; edited by Peter K. Steinberg and Karen Kukil

Anthony Powell : dancing to the music of time
by Hilary Spurling (Old Somervillian ; On Display)

Bentham’s political thought
edited by Bhikhu Parekh

The politics of penal reform : Margery Fry and the Howard League
by Anne Logan ; Margery Fry was Principal of Somerville 1926-31 (On Display)

Enraged : why violent times need ancient Greek myths
by Emily Katz Anhalt

Report from Xunwu
by Mao Zedong ; translated, and with an introduction and notes by Roger R. Thompson

The natural history of Selborne
by Gilbert White

The new nature writing (Granta 102)
editor Jason Cowley

Orations 1-2
by Aelius Aristides ; edited and translated by Michael Trapp (LCL 533)

Electronica, dance and club music
edited by Mark J. Butler

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