Books added week commencing 11th September 2017

Transition metal chemistry : synthesis and structure
course team chair : Elaine Moore (Old Somervillian)

Speaking of animals : a dictionary of animal metaphors
by Robert A. Palmatier

The Lille diaries : a writers’ group weekend
by Sarah LeFanu, Jenny Newman and Michèle Roberts (Old Somervillian)

The Walworth beauty
by Michèle Roberts (Old Somervillian; On Display)

Silly lady novelists?
by Michèle Roberts (Old Somervillian)

Simon V of Montfort and baronial government, 1195-1218
by G.E.M. Lippiatt (On Display)

Concepts in transition metal chemistry
edited by Eleanor Crabb, Elaine Moore (Old Somervillian) and Lesley Smart (On Display)

An introduction to the solar system
edited by Neil McBride and Iain Gilmour; includes chapters by Elaine Moore (Old Somervillian)

A magnificent faith : art and identity in Lutheran Germany
by Bridget Heal (On Display)

The lost history of Peter the Patrician : an account of Rome’s imperial past from the age of Justinian
by Thomas M. Banchich

The craft of political research (10th edn)
by W. Phillips Shively (2 copies)

The Psalms and medieval English literature : from the conversion to the Reformation
edited by Tamara Atkin and Francis Leneghan; includes contributions by Annie Sutherland (FS) and Jane Toswell (OS) (On Display)

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Books added week commencing 4th September 2017

Double trouble : the rise and fall of the crime of bigamy
by Rebecca Probert (Selden Society Lecture, July 8th, 2013)

Reports of Sir Peter King, Chief Justice of the the Common Pleas : 1714-22
edited for the Selden Society by Lloyd Bonfield and L. R. Poos

The Cambridge Old English reader (2nd edn)
by Richard Marsden

The making of medieval history
edited by Graham A. Loud and Martial Staub

Logic for philosophy
by Theodore Sider

Cosmopolitan peace
by Cécile Fabre

Baronial reform and revolution in England 1258-1267
edited by Adrian Jobson (On Display)

Feminist philosophy of religion : critical readings
edited by Pamela Sue Anderson and Beverley Clack; includes chapter by Janet Martin Soskice, Old Somervillian (On Display)

On the mode of existence of technical objects
by Gilbert Simondon ; translated by Cécile Malaspina and John Rogove

Essential neuroscience (3rd edn)
by Allan Siegel and Hreday N. Sapru

The central nervous system (5th edn)
by Per Brodal

The social life of books : reading together in the eighteenth-century home
by Abigail Williams (On Display)

The golden talking-shop : the Oxford Union debates empire, world war, revolution, and women
selected and edited with a historical narrative by Edward Pearce (On Display)

An introduction to the Crusades
by S.J. Allen (Old Somervillian; On Display)

The Persians : ancient, mediaeval and modern Iran
by Homa Katouzian

Thermodynamics : a complete undergraduate course
by Andrew M. Steane (3 copies)

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Books added week commencing 28th August 2017

The new Turkey and its discontents
by Simon A. Waldman and Emre Caliskan

Molecular reaction dynamics
by Raphael D. Levine

introduzione storica di Gianni Guadalupi ; testo e schede di Gabriele Reina

John Keats in context
edited by Michael O’Neill (On Display)

Illustrated textbook of paediatrics (5th edn)
by Tom Lissauer and Will Carroll (2 copies)

Mechanics of materials (9th edn)
by Barry J. Goodno and James M. Gere

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Books added 23rd-25th August 2017

The rise and fall of American growth : the U.S. standard of living since the Civil War
by Robert J. Gordon

Reaction mechanisms of inorganic and organometallic systems (3rd edn)
by Robert B. Jordan

Harvest of the moor
by Margaret Leigh (Old Somervillian)

My kingdom for a horse : the story of a journey from the Cornish moors to the Scottish border
by Margaret Leigh (Old Somervillian)

The making of Black lives matter : a brief history of an idea
by Christopher J. Lebron (On Display)

Suffering and happiness in England 1550-1850 : narratives and representations : a collection to honour Paul Slack
edited by Michael J. Braddick and Joanna Innes (Fellow and donor; On Display)

From Samos to Soho : the unorthodox life of Joseph Georgirenes, a Greek archbishop
by John Penrose Barron; prepared for publication by Caroline Barron (Old Somervillian; On Display)

Picturing quantum processes : a first course in quantum theory and diagrammatic reasoning
by Bob Coecke and Aleks Kissinger (On Display)

Memory in early modern Europe, 1500-1800
by Judith Pollmann (Old Somervillian; On Display)

Modernity and the English rural novel
by Dominic Head (On Display)

A double sorrow : Troilus and Criseyde
by Lavinia Greenlaw

The great leveler : violence and the history of inequality from the Stone Age to the twenty-first century
by Walter Scheidel

Mr Lear : a life of art and nonsense
by Jenny Uglow (On Display)

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Books added 21st August 2017

Formal semantics : an introduction
by Ronnie Cann

Imperial Germany and the Great War, 1914-1918
by Roger Chickering

Plays one : Forty years on, Getting on, Habeas corpus and Enjoy
by Alan Bennett

Smith, Hogan, and Ormerod’s text, cases, and materials on criminal law (12th edn)
by David Ormerod and Karl Laird

The Cambridge history of Australia. Volume 2
edited by Alison Bashford and Stuart Macintyre

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Books added 18th August 2017

Lanthanide and actinide chemistry
by Simon Cotton

Major poetic works
by Charlotte Smith ; edited by Claire Knowles and Ingrid Horrocks

Blanche of Castile : Queen of France
by Lindy Grant

Principles of comparative politics (3rd edn)
by William Roberts Clark, Matt Golder amd Sona Nadenichek Golder

Tort (6th edn)
by Paula Giliker

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Books added 16th August 2017

Principles and practice in EU sports law
by Stephen Weatherill (Fellow; On Display)

Before the Gregorian reform : the Latin Church at the turn of the first millennium
by John Howe

Russian splendor : sumptuous fashions of the Russian court
in association with the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg ; translated from the Russian by Antonina W. Bouis (On Display)

Open University. S256, Matter in the universe. Blocks 2, 4 and 7: Observing the interstellar medium; Observing the stars; The solar system
by Elaine Moore (Old Somervillian)

The books of Ruth and Jonah
translated by Constance Coltman (Old Somervillian)

Literarische Säkularisierung im Mittelalter
Susanne Köbele, Bruno Quast (Hg.)

Unreliable narration and trustworthiness : intermedial and interdisciplinary perspectives
edited by Vera Nünning

Filmisches Erzählen : Typologie und Geschichte
by Stephan Brössel

Migrationen im Mittelalter : ein Handbuch
herausgegeben von Michael Borgolte ; Redaktion : Joseph Lemberg

The history of emotions : an introduction
by Jan Plamper ; translated by Keith Tribe

Seeking sanctuary : crime, mercy, and politics in English courts, 1400-1550
by Shannon McSheffrey (On Display)

The historians of Angevin England
by Michael Staunton (On Display)

Mona Lisa : the people and the painting
by Martin Kemp & Giuseppe Pallanti (On Display)

A descriptive catalogue of the western manuscripts, to c. 1600, in Christ Church, Oxford
by Ralph Hanna and David Rundle, using materials collected by Jeremy J. Griffiths

The Modi doctrine : new paradigms in India’s foreign policy
editors, Anirban Ganguly, Vijay Chauthaiwale, Uttam Kumar Sinha (On Display)

This long pursuit : reflections of a romantic biographer
by Richard Holmes

Charlotte Brontë : legacies and afterlives
edited by Amber K. Regis and Deborah Wynne (On Display)

That time may cease
by Ann Swinfen (Old Somervillian)

The merchant’s tale
by Ann Swinfen (Old Somervillian)

The huntsman’s tale
by Ann Swinfen (Old Somervillian)

The novice’s tale
by Ann Swinfen (Old Somervillian; On Display)

A handbook to Eddic poetry : myths and legends of early Scandinavia
edited by Carolyne Larrington, Judy Quinn, Brittany Schorn
includes chapters by Old Somervillians Margaret Clunies Ross and Heather O’Donoghue (On Display)

Liberalisms : essays in political philosophy
by John Gray

Oxford medicine : a walk through nine centuries
by Eric Sidebottom

North America before the European invasions
by Alice Beck Kehoe

Blake, myth, and Enlightenment : the politics of apotheosis
by David Fallon (On Display)

The fruit in the seed : chapters of autobiography
by Margaret Leigh (Old Somervillian)

Spade among the rushes
by Margaret Leigh ; with 9 drawings in colour by Myfanwy Roberts (author Old Somervillian; On Display)

The family that flew : the Tor Bryan Petres, 1880-1950
by Ann Petre (Old Somervillian; On Display)

Clerical households in late Medieval Italy
by Roisin Cossard

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