Books added week commencing 10th December 2018

Things of darkness : economies of race and gender in early modern England
by Kim F. Hall

Econometric methods (4th edn)
by Jack Johnston and John DiNardo

Peasants and lords in the medieval English economy : essays in honour of Bruce M.S. Campbell
edited by Maryanne Kowaleski, John Langdon and Phillipp R. Schofield

Econometric analysis (7th edn)
by William H. Greene

The rise and fall of the British nation : a twentieth-century history
by David Edgerton (On Display)

Augustus : from Republic to Empire
edited by Grażyna Bąkowska-Czerner and Jarosław Bodzek

Utilitarianism : with related remarks from Mill’s other writings
by John Stuart Mill ; edited, with an introduction, by Ben Eggleston

Gender and rural globalization : international perspectives on gender and rural development
edited by Bettina B. Bock and Sally Shortall

Doing oral history (3rd edn)
by Donald A. Ritchie

Dr Faustus 1604
edited by Chiaki Hanabusa

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Books added 6th December 2018

The place-names of Shropshire pt. 7. Stottesdon hundred and the borough of Bridgnorth
by John Baker, with Sarah Beach

Heretical essays in the philosophy of history
by Jan Patočka ; translated by Erazim Kohák ; edited by James Dodd ; with Paul Ricoeur’s preface to the French edition

Sounds and sweet airs : the forgotten women of classical music
by Anna Beer (On Display)

Hymnic narrative and the narratology of Greek hymns
edited by Andrew Faulkner and Owen Hodkinson

Broken lives : how ordinary Germans experienced the twentieth century
by Konrad H. Jarausch

The kings’ mistresses : the liberated lives of Marie Mancini, Princess Colonna, and her sister Hortense, Duchess Mazarin
by Elizabeth C. Goldsmith

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Books added 5th December 2018

All’s well that ends well
by William Shakespeare; edited by Suzanne Gossett and Helen Wilcox

The enigma of reason : a new theory of human understanding
by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber (On Display)

The Dutch courtesan
by John Marston for the Children of Her Majesty’s Revels at the Blackfriars ; edited by Karen Britland

The golden rhinoceros : histories of the African Middle Ages
by François-Xavier Fauvelle ; translated by Troy Tice (On Display)

The light in the dark : a winter journal
by Horatio Clare (On Display)

From polypragmon to curiosus : ancient concepts of curious and meddlesome behaviour
by Matthew Leigh (On Display)

Powerplay in Tibullus : reading Elegies book one
by Parshia Lee-Stecum

Aratus and the astronomical tradition
by Emma Gee

Theocritus and the invention of fiction
by Mark Payne

Holy Scripture and the quest for authority at the end of the Middle Ages
by Ian Christopher Levy

Listening to Homer : tradition, narrative, and audience
by Ruth Scodel

The Chronicle
by Robert Mannyng of Brunne ; edited with introduction, notes, and glossary by Idelle Sullens

Archaeology and the emergence of Greece
by Anthony Snodgrass

The language of Ramesses : late Egyptian grammar
by François Neveu ; translated from the French by Maria Cannata

Socialising the child in late medieval England c. 1400-1600
by Merridee L. Bailey (On Display)

Malory and Christianity : essays on Sir Thomas Malory’s Morte d’Arthur
edited by D. Thomas Hanks, Jr., and Janet Jesmok

Sophocles and Alcibiades : Athenian politics in ancient Greek literature
by Michael Vickers

The tradition of the Trojan War in Homer and the epic cycle
by Jonathan S. Burgess

Excavations by Kathleen M. Kenyon in Jerusalem, 1961-1967: v. 3. The settlement in the Bronze and Iron Ages
edited by M.L. Steiner; Kathleen M. Kenyon, Old Somervillian (On Display)

Byzantium and Islam : age of transition, 7th-9th century
edited by Helen C. Evans with Brandie Ratliff (On Display)

The Ordo virtutum of Hildegard of Bingen : critical studies
edited by Audrey Ekdahl Davidson

Battling the gods : Atheism in the ancient world
by Tim Whitmarsh (On Display)

The Gothic cathedral : origins of Gothic architecture and the medieval concept of order
by Otto von Simson

Revolting prostitutes : the fight for sex workers’ rights
by Molly Smith and Juno Mac

Nightwalking : a nocturnal history of London Chaucer to Dickens
by Matthew Beaumont

The origin of capitalism : a longer view
by Ellen Meiksins Wood

Infinite tropics : an Alfred Russel Wallace anthology
edited by Andrew Berry ; with a preface by Stephen Jay Gould

The making of the black working class in Britain
by Ron Ramdin

The Leveller revolution : radical political organisation in England, 1640-1650
by John Rees

The shock of the Anthropocene : the Earth, history and us
by Christophe Bonneuil and Jean-Baptiste Fressoz ; translated by David Fernbach (On Display)

Poems and carols : Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Douce 302
by John the Blind Audelay ; edited by Susanna Fein

Authorship and first-person allegory in late medieval France and England
by Stephanie A. Vierick Gibbs Kamath (On Display)

Re-visioning Gower
edited by R.F. Yeager

Six ecclesiastical satires
edited by James M. Dean

Chaucerian dream visions and complaints
edited by Dana M. Symons

Concordia : (the reconciliation of Richard II with London)
by Richard Maidstone ; with a verse translation by A. G. Rigg ; edited by David R. Carlson

The life of Saint Katherine
by John Capgrave ; edited by Karen A. Winstead

Arion’s lyre : archaic lyric into Hellenistic poetry
by Benjamin Acosta-Hughes (On Display)

The making of the English gardener
by Margaret Willes

Minerals : their constitution and origin (2nd edn)
by Hans-Rudolf Wenk and Andrey Bulakh

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Books added 3rd December 2018

Ireland 1518 : Archduke Ferdinand’s visit to Kinsale and the Dürer connection
by Hiram Morgan ; preface Peter Murray ; source translation Dorothy Convery ; original illustrations by Hector McDonnell

The brief life of flowers
by Fiona Stafford, FS

Dead ground, 2018-1918
edited by Andrew McNeillie and James McNeillie; includes contribs. by Fiona Stafford, FS and Kate McLoughlin, Old Somervillian (On Display)

Exploring the lives of women, 1558-1837
principal editors: Louise Duckling, Sara Read, Felicity Roberts, Carolyn D. Williams (Old Somervillian; On Display)

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Books added 1st December 2018

Prison notebooks (3 vols.)
by Antonio Gramsci ; edited and translated by Joseph A. Buttigieg

New historical anthology of music by women
edited by James R. Briscoe

The correspondence of Charles Darwin. Vol. 26: 1878

Housing economics : a historical approach
by Geoffrey Meen, Kenneth Gibb, Chris Leishman and Christian Nygaard

What is philosophy for?
by Mary Midgley (Old Somervillian; On Display)

Inventing Edward Lear
by Sara Lodge

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Books added 29th November 2018

Clinical anatomy of the eye (2nd edn)
by Richard S. Snell and Michael A. Lemp ; illustrations by Ira Grunther

Thinking about snow
by Judith McClure (Old Somervillian; On Display)

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Books added 28th November 2018

Mathematics for physical chemistry (4th edn)
by Robert G. Mortimer

The bourgeois : between history and literature
by Franco Moretti

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