Books added 16th-19th January 2017

What can philosophy contribute to ethics?
by James Griffin (On Display)

Sufism : an introduction to the mystical tradition of Islam
by Carl W. Ernst

The power of place : rulers and their palaces, landscapes, cities, and holy places
by David Rollason (On Display)

Shakespeare on page & stage : selected essays
by Stanley Wells ; edited by Paul Edmondson

Tudor queenship : the reigns of Mary and Elizabeth
edited by Alice Hunt and Anna Whitelock

The plantation of Ulster : ideology and practice
edited by Éamonn Ó Ciardha & Micheál Ó Siochrú

A practical approach to alternative dispute resolution (4th edn)
by Susan Blake, Julie Browne and Stuart Sime

Early and Late Latin : continuity or change?
edited by J.N. Adams and Nigel Vincent (On Display)

A companion to Middle High German literature to the 14th century
edited by Francis G. Gentry

Staking claims : the politics of social movements in contemporary rural India
edited by Uday Chandra and Daniel Taghioff

Royal favouritism and the governing elite of the Spanish monarchy, 1640-1665
by Alistair Malcolm (On Display)

by William Shakespeare, edited by Valerie Wayne

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Books from the bequest of Old Somervillian Mavis Mate

The below come from the library of Mavis Mate (née Howe, History, 1953), recently bequeathed to the college:

Early modern Kent, 1540-1640
edited by Michael Zell

The margins of society in late medieval Paris
by Bronisław Geremek ; translated from the French by Jean Birrell

Women, crime and the courts in early modern England
edited by Jennifer Kermode & Garthine Walker

The closing of the Middle Ages? : England, 1471-1529
by Richard Britnell

Popular protest in late medieval Europe : Italy, France and Flanders
selected sources translated and annotated by Samuel K. Cohn, Jr

Sisters and workers in the Middle Ages
edited by Judith M. Bennett et al.

Women and work in preindustrial Europe
edited by Barbara A. Hanawalt

Progress and problems in medieval England : essays in honour of Edward Miller
edited by Richard Britnell and John Hatcher

Leprosy in medieval England
by Carole Rawcliffe

Growth and decline in Colchester, 1300-1525
by R.H. Britnell

Women in medieval Europe, 1200-1500
by Jennifer Ward

The Celys and their world : an English merchant family of the fifteenth century
by Alison Hanham

Property and politics : essays in later medieval English history
edited by Tony Pollard

The alien communities of London in the fifteenth century : the subsidy rolls of 1440 & 1483-4
edited and introduced by J.L. Bolton

Common women : prostitution and sexuality in Medieval England
by Ruth Mazo Karras

Medieval domesticity : home, housing and household in medieval England
edited by Maryanne Kowaleski and P.J.P. Goldberg

Medieval artisans : an urban class in late medieval England
by Heather Swanson

The role of the hospital in medieval England : gift-giving and the spiritual economy
by Sheila Sweetinburgh

The mercery of London : trade, goods and people, 1130-1578
by Anne F. Sutton

The book of privileges of the Merchant Adventurers of England, 1296-1483
edited by Anne F. Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs

The ties that bind : essays in medieval British history in honor of Barbara Hanawalt
edited by Linda E. Mitchell, Katherine L. French and Douglas L. Biggs

The English economy from Bede to the Reformation
by A.R. Bridbury

Europe in a wider world, 1350-1650
by Robin W. Winks and Lee Palmer Wandel

The Court rolls of Ramsey, Hepmangrove, and Bury, 1268-1600
edited and translated by Edwin Brezette DeWindt

Industry in the countryside: Wealden society in the sixteenth century
by Michael Zell

Town and countryside in western Berkshire, c.1327-c.1600 : social and economic change
by Margaret Yates

The Armburgh papers : the Brokholes inheritance in Warwickshire, Hertfordshire and Essex, c.1417-c.1453 : Chetham’s Manuscript Mun. E.6.10 (4)
edited with an introduction by Christine Carpenter

She wore a yellow ribbon : women soldiers and patriots of the Western Frontier
by JoAnn Chartier and Chris Enss

Millions like us : women’s lives in war and peace 1939-1949
by Virginia Nicholson

Henry VIII : court, church and conflict
by David Loades

The later Tudors : England, 1547-1603
by Penry Williams

A bitter living : women, markets, and social capital in early modern Germany
by Sheilagh Ogilvie

Growing up in medieval London : the experience of childhood in history
by Barbara A. Hanawalt

Working women in English society, 1300-1620
by Marjorie Keniston McIntosh

The merchant class of medieval London, 1300-1500
with a new introduction by Sylvia L. Thrupp

Work in towns 850-1850
edited by Penelope J. Corfield and Derek Keene

A medieval life : Cecilia Penifader of Brigstock, c. 1295-1344
by Judith M. Bennett

Decline and growth in English towns, 1400-1640
prepared for the Economic History Society by Alan Dyer

Women in late Medieval and Reformation Europe, 1200-1550
by Helen M. Jewell

Medieval town plans
by Brian Paul Hindle

The convent and the community in late medieval England : female monasteries in the Diocese of Norwich, 1350-1540
by Marilyn Oliva

The lay subsidy rolls for the county of Sussex, 1524-25
transcribed and edited by Julian Cornwall; Sussex Record Society Pubs. v. 56

The book of Bartholomew Bolney
edited by Marie Clough; Sussex Record Society Pubs. v. 63

The king’s speech : how one man saved the British monarchy
by Mark Logue and Peter Conradi

by Michael Frayn

We need to talk about Kevin : a novel
by Lionel Shriver

Selected poems of Anne Sexton
edited with an introduction by Diane Wood Middlebrook and Diana Hume George

by William Boyd

A possible life : a novel in five parts
by Sebastian Faulks

The night watch
by Sarah Waters

Dear life : stories
by Alice Munro

by Alice Munro

Something I’ve been meaning to tell you
by Alice Munro

Too much happiness : stories
by Alice Munro

The beginner’s goodbye : a novel
by Anne Tyler

by Colm Tóibín

by Toni Morrison

To love and be wise
by Josephine Tey

Have his carcase
by Dorothy L. Sayers (Old Somervillian)

Women of Will : following the feminine in Shakespeare’s plays
by Tina Packer

So long a letter
by Mariama Bâ ; translated from the French by Modupé Bodé-Thomas ; introduction by Kenneth W. Harrow

God’s bits of wood
by Sembene Ousmane ; translated by Francis Price

Fire in the blood
by Irene Nemirovsky

The treasure of the city of ladies, or, The book of the three virtues
by Christine de Pisan ; translated with an introduction by Sarah Lawson

Letters to my grandchildren
by Tony Benn

Band of angels : the forgotten world of early Christian women
by Kate Cooper

The casual vacancy
by J. K. Rowling

Eight months on Ghazzah Street
by Hilary Mantel

by Ali Smith

Mary Cassatt
by Nancy Mowll Mathews

Feminism and art history : questioning the litany
edited by Norma Broude and Mary D. Garrard

The art & life of Georgia O’Keeffe
by Jan Garden Castro

The mother tongue : English & how it got that way
by Bill Bryson

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Books added 12th-14th January 2017

Approaching the Roman revolution : papers on Republican history
by Ronald Syme ; edited by Federico Santangelo (On Display)

German literature of the twentieth century : from aestheticism to postmodernism
by Ingo R. Stoehr (On Display)

Les religieuses dans la Révolution française
by Gwenaël Murphy

Jean Fouquet and the invention of France : art and nation after the Hundred Years War
by Erik Inglis (On Display)

Blackstone’s statutes on property law 2016-2017
edited by Meryl Thomas

The ascent of Mary Somerville in 19th century society
by Elisabetta Strickland (On Display)

Power and propaganda : Scotland, 1306-1488
by Katie Stevenson

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Books added 10th January 2017

Class distinctions : Dutch painting in the age of Rembrandt and Vermeer
by Ronni Baer ; with essays by Henk van Nierop, Herman Roodenburg, Eric Jan Sluijter, Marieke de Winkel, and Sanny de Zoete ; essays translated by Diane Webb (On Display)

The correspondence of Charles Darwin. Vol. 24 – 1876; Supplement 1838-1875
editors, Frederick Burkhardt, Sydney Smith

Vertical readings in Dante’s Comedy. Volume 2
edited by George Corbett and Heather Webb

La Vendée at la France
by Jean-Clément Martin ; préface de François Lebrun

J.C. Smith’s the law of contract
by Paul S. Davies

Search for modern China: a documentary collection (3rd edn)
edited by Janet Chen, Pei-Kai Cheng, and Michael Lestz with Jonathan D. Spence

The search for modern China (3rd edn)
by Jonathan D. Spence

Bodies without borders
edited by Erynn Masi de Casanova and Afshan Jafar

The struggle for the South Atlantic : the Armada of the Strait, 1581-1584 (Hakluyt Society Publications, 3rd ser., vol. 31)
edited by Carla Rahn Phillips

The Russian revolution, 1905-1921
by Mark D. Steinberg (On Display)

Re-envisioning Christian humanism : education and the restoration of humanity
edited by Jens Zimmermann (On Display)

Trinity Apocalypse (Anglo-Norman Text Society 73)
edited by Ian Short

Success and suppression : Arabic sciences and philosophy in the Renaissance
by Dag Nikolaus Hasse (On Display)

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Books added 5th January 2017

An introduction to the composition and analysis of Greek prose
by Eleanor Dickey

Reformations : the early modern world, 1450-1650
by Carlos M. N. Eire (On Display)

Medieval chivalry
by Richard W. Kaeuper

Liaisons : philosophy meets the cognitive and social sciences
by Alvin I. Goldman

Early Greek hexameter poetry
by Peter Gainsford

Satyre seconde : le neveu de Rameau
by Denis Diderot

The final crisis of the Stuart monarchy : the revolutions of 1688-91 in their British, Atlantic and European contexts
edited by Tim Harris & Stephen Taylor

Gastrointestinal physiology
by Kim E. Barrett

The tragedy of Antigone
by Thomas May ; edited by Matteo Pangallo (Malone Society Reprints)

A reader’s guide to Haydn’s early string quartets
by William Drabkin

The late medieval English church : vitality and vulnerability before the break with Rome
by G.W. Bernard

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Selection of (mainly) fine art catalogues from the collection of Lady Jane Abdy, recently bequeathed to the College

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Selection of art historical books from the gift of Elly Miller (Somerville, 1946)

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