Books added 16th July 2018

Inspiration and authority in the Middle Ages : prophets and their critics from scholasticism to humanism
by Brian FitzGerald

England : poems from a school
edited by Kate Clanchy

Williams gynecology (3rd edn)
by Barbara L. Hoffman, John O. Schorge, Karen D. Bradshaw, Lisa M. Halvorson, Joseph I. Schaffer and Marlene M. Corton

Voice & vote : celebrating 100 years of votes for women
edited by Mari Takayanagi, Melanie Unwin and Paul Seaward (On Display)

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Books added 12th July 2018

Les dieux d’Homère : polythéisme et poésie en Grèce ancienne
sous la direction de Gabriella Pironti & Corinne Bonnet

Ritual and communication in the Graeco-Roman world
edited by Eftychia Stavrianopoulou (On Display)

Nourrir les dieux? : sacrifice et représentation du divin
édités par Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge & Francesca Prescendi

Le donateur, l’offrande et la déesse : systèmes votifs dans les sanctuaires de déesses du monde grec
édités par Clarisse Prêtre avec la collaboration de Stéphanie Huysecom-Haxhi

La norme en matière religieuse en Grèce ancienne
édités par Pierre Brule

Héros et héroïnes dans les mythes et les cultes grecs
édités par Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge & Emilio Suárez de la Torre

Greek incubation rituals in Classical and Hellenistic times
by Hedvig von Ehrenheim

Romanesque : architecture, sculpture, painting
edited by Rolf Toman, photos by Achim Bednorz

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Books added 11th July 2018

Court, country, city : British art and architecture, 1660-1735
edited by Mark Hallett, Nigel Llewellyn and Martin Myrone (On Display)

Women’s literary networks and Romanticism : “a tribe of authoresses”
edited by Andrew O. Winckles and Angela Rehbein (On Display)

edited by Simonetta Fraquelli & Nancy Ireson (On Display)

Syntax : structure, meaning, and function
by Robert D. Van Valin Jr. and Randy J. LaPolla

Pidgin & Creole linguistics (rev edn)
by Peter Mühlhäusler

The unspeakable, gender and sexuality in medieval literature, 1000-1400
by Victoria Blud

The Routledge handbook on cities of the global south
edited by Susan Parnell and Sophie Oldfield

The Prelate in England and Europe, 1300-1560
edited by Martin Heale; includes chapter by Benjamin Thompson, FS (On Display)

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Books added 10th July 2018

Obstetrics : normal and problem pregnancies (7th edn)
by Steven G. Gabbe et al.

Medieval warfare source book . Christian Europe and its neighbours
by David Nicolle

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Books added 9th July 2018

Chemistry of the carbonyl group : a step-by-step approach to understanding organic reaction mechanisms (rev. edn)
by Timothy K. Dickens and Stuart Warren (4 copies)

The complete works of John Milton, v. 8: De doctrina Christiana
edited by John Hale (in 2 parts)

Writing history in the Anglo-Norman world : manuscripts, makers and readers, c.1066-c.1250
edited by Laura Cleaver and Andrea Worm

The secular liturgical office in late medieval England
by Matthew Cheung Salisbury

The shorter writings
by Xenophon ; edited by Gregory A. McBrayer

State and commonwealth : the theory of the state in early modern England, 1549-1640
by Noah Dauber

Underwood’s pathology : a clinical approach (7th edn)
edited by Simon S. Cross (4 copies)

Key ideas in linguistics and the philosophy of language
edited by Siobhan Chapman and Christopher Routledge

Felson’s principles of chest roentgenology : a programmed text (4th edn)
by Lawrence R. Goodman

Singing the Crusades : French and Occitan lyric responses to the crusading movements, 1137-1336
by Linda Paterson ; in collaboration with Luca Barbieri, Ruth Harvey and Anna Radaelli ; and with an appendix by Marjolaine Raguin

The Geraldines and medieval Ireland : the making of a myth
Peter Crooks & Seán Duffy, editors

A critical companion to medieval motets
edited by Jared C. Hartt

Writing the Welsh borderlands in Anglo-Saxon England
by Lindy Brady

Absentee authority across medieval Europe
edited by Frédérique Lachaud and Michael Penman

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Books added 5th/6th July 2018

Tact : aesthetic liberalism and the essay form in nineteenth-century Britain
by David Russell (On Display)

Nibelungen : Heimsuchung
by Ulrike Draesner. Mit den Illustrationen von Carl Otto Czeschka (On Display)

The Delphic oracle : its responses and operations, with a catalogue of responses
by Joseph Fontenrose

Wittgenstein, mathematics and world
by Bob Clark

The English people at war in the age of Henry VIII
by Steven Gunn

Economics (13th edn)
by Richard Lipsey and Alec Chrystal

Improbable destinies : how predictable is evolution?
by Jonathan B. Losos ; illustrated by Marlin Peterson (On Display)

Rome and the making of a world state, 150 BCE-20 CE
by Josiah Osgood

Medieval bodies : life, death and art in the middle ages
by Jack Hartnell

The Oxford history of life-writing. Volume 1, The Middle Ages
by Karen A. Winstead

The Tunis Crusade of 1270 : a Mediterranean history
by Michael Lower

Making and breaking the rules : discussion, implementation, and consequences of Dominican legislation
edited by Cornelia Linde

Turkestan and the rise of Eurasian empires : a study of politics and invented traditions
by Ali Anooshahr (On Display)

Visions of kinship in medieval Europe
by Hans Hummer

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Books added 4th July 2018

Philosophical foundations of discrimination law
edited by Deborah Hellman and Sophia Moreau (On Display)

Music as creative practice
by Nicholas Cook

Power and its problems in Carolingian Europe
by Stuart Airlie

Chemistry and water : the science behind sustaining the world’s most crucial resource
edited by Satinder Ahuja (On Display)

Grammatik der Gespenster : Frankfurter Poetikvorlesungen
by Ulrike Draesner

Chaucer’s Book of the Duchess : contexts and interpretations
edited by Jamie C. Fumo

An unproclaimed empire : the Grand Duchy of Lithuania : from the viewpoint of comparative historical sociology of empires
by Zenonas Norkus ; translation from Lithuanian by Albina Strunga (On Display)

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