Books added 23rd February 2017

International economics : theory and policy (10th edn)
by Paul R. Krugman, Maurice Obstfeld, Berkeley and Marc J. Melitz (2 copies)

Introduction to dislocations (5th edn)
by D. Hull and D.J. Bacon

Roald Dahl and philosophy : a little nonsense now and then
edited by Jacob M. Held

Roald Dahl
by Mark I. West

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Books added 22nd February 2017

Labor economics (2nd edn)
by Pierre Cahuc, Stéphane Carcillo, and André Zylberberg (On Display)

Introduction to econometrics (updated 3rd edn)
by James H. Stock and Mark W. Watson (2 copies)

Intellectual property law : text, cases, and materials (3rd edn)
by Tanya Aplin and Jennifer Davis

Modern industrial organization (4th edn)
by Dennis W. Carlton and Jeffrey M. Perloff

Translation studies (4th edn)
by Susan Bassnett

On life and death
by Cicero ; translated by John Davie ; edited with an introduction and notes by Miriam T. Griffin (On Display)

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Books added 20th/21st February 2017

The letters of Samuel Beckett. Vol. 4: 1966-1989
editors: Martha Dow Fehsenfeld, Lois More Overbeck, George Craig and Daniel Gunn (On Display)

Lectures on antitrust economics
by Michael D. Whinston

The song of Roland and other poems of Charlemagne
translated with an introduction and notes by Simon Gaunt and Karen Pratt

Dinosaur paleobiology
by Stephen L. Brusatte

The modernity of ancient sculpture : Greek sculpture and modern art from Winckelmann to Picasso
by Elizabeth Prettejohn

The quest for universal social policy in the south : actors, ideas and architectures
by Juliana Martínez Franzoni and Diego Sanchez-Ancochea

Swallow : foreign bodies, their ingestion, inspiration, and the curious doctor who extracted them
by Mary Cappello

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Books added 17th February 2017

A companion to world history
edited by Douglas Northrop

Medical law and ethics (6th edn)
by Jonathan Herring

The anatomy of corporate law : a comparative and functional approach (3rd edn)
by Reinier Kraakman et al.

Samuel Richardson and the art of letter-writing
by Louise Curran (On Display)

Fairy tales and feminism : new approaches
edited by Donald Haase (On Display)

England’s first demonologist : Reginald Scot and ‘The discoverie of witchcraft’
by Philip C. Almond

Cuckoo : cheating by nature
by Nick Davies ; with field drawings by James McCallum (On Display)

Women and slavery in the late Ottoman Empire : the design of difference
by Madeline C. Zilfi

The trial of Charles I
edited by K.J. Kesselring

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Books from the Library of Lord Weidenfeld

These books are the gift of Laura Barnett, Lord Weidenfeld’s daughter and Old Somervilllian, from his collection of German books.

Ich will Zeugnis ablegen bis zum letzten
by Victor Klemperer ; herausgegeben von Walter Nowojski (2 vols.)

Leben sammeln, nicht fragen wozu und warum
by Victor Klemperer ; herausgegeben von Walter Nowojski (2 vols.)

Curriculum vitae : Erinnerungen, 1881-1918
by Victor Klemperer ; herausgegeben von Walter Nowojski (2 vols.)

Gesammelte Werke
by Bertolt Brecht (20 vols.)

Widerschein der Fackel : Glossen
by Karl Kraus

Die dritte Walpurgisnacht
by Karl Kraus

Beim Wort genommen
by Karl Kraus

Die Sprache
by Karl Kraus

Gesammelte Werke
by Hermann Broch (incomplete in this edition)

Die Schlafwandler : eine Romantrilogie
by Hermann Broch

Der Tod des Vergil
by Hermann Broch

Frühe Tage : Kati auf der Brücke ; Verwirrung am Wolfgangsee ; Flöte und Trommeln : drei Romane
by Hilde Spiel

Der Mann mit der Pelerine, und andere Geschichten
by Hilde Spiel

Gesammelte Werke : in zwei Abteilungen (9 vols.)
by Arthur Schnitzler

Jugend in Wien : eine Autobiographie ; mit 16 Seiten Kunstdruckbildern
by Arthur Schnitzler

Tagebuch 1893-1902
by Arthur Schnitzler

My youth in Vienna
by Arthur Schnitzler ; foreword by A. J. P. Taylor ; translated by Catherine Hutter

Thomas Mann und die Seinen
by Marcel Reich-Ranicki

Über Ruhestörer : Juden in der deutschen Literatur
by Marcel Reich-Ranicki

Begegnungen mit Marcel Reich-Ranicki
herausgegeben von Hubert Spiegel

Harmonia cælestis
by Péter Esterházy ; aus dem Ungarischen von Terézia Mora

Verbesserte Ausgabe
by Péter Esterházy ; aus dem Ungarischen von Hans Skirecki

Donau abwärts : Roman
by Péter Esterházy ; aus dem Ungarischen von Hans Skirecki

Das Augenspiel : Lebensgeschichte 1931-1937
by Elias Canetti

Die gerettete Zunge : Geschichte einer Jugend
by Elias Canetti

Die Fackel im Ohr : Lebensgeschichte 1921-1931
by Elias Canetti

Fanny von Arnstein : oder, Die Emanzipation; ein Frauenleben an der Zeitenwende, 1758-1818
by Hilde Spiel

Johann Wolfgang Goethe : Zeichnungen
von Petra Maisak

Egon Schiele and his contemporaries : Austrian painting and drawing from 1900 to 1930 from the Leopold collection, Vienna
edited by Klaus Albrecht Schröder and Harald Szeemann

Narwalzahn und Alte Meister : aus dem Leben einer Kunsthändler-Dynastie
by Konrad O. Bernheimer

Stefan Zweigs brennendes Geheimnis
by Ulrich Weinzierl

by Friedrich Schiller ; adapted by Mike Poulton

Alfred Polgar : eine Biographie
by Ulrich Weinzierl

Sommerlügen : Geschichten
by Bernhard Schlink

Joseph Roth : mit Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten
dargestelt von Helmuth Nürnberger

Der stumme Prophet : Roman
by Joseph Roth

Juden auf Wanderschaft
by Joseph Roth

Ich wollte Deutschlands Einheit
by Helmut Kohl ; dargestellt von Kai Diekmann und Ralf Georg Reuth

Der Untertan : Roman
by Heinrich Mann

Tagebuch, 1946-1949
by Max Frisch

Montauk : eine Erzählung
by Max Frisch

Die Ausgewanderten : vier lange Erzählungen
by W.G. Sebald

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Books added 15th February 2017

A companion to Virginia Woolf
edited by Jessica Berman

Henry VII’s new men and the making of Tudor England
by Steven Gunn

All things made new : writings on the Reformation
by Diarmaid MacCulloch (On Display)

William the Conqueror
by David Bates

Oratory and political career in the late Roman Republic
by Henriette van der Blom (On Display)

A companion to Greek architecture
edited by Margaret M. Miles (On Display)

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Books added 13th January 2017

Jost Ammans Buchschmuck-Holzschnitte für Sigmund Feyerabend : zur Technik der Verwendung von Bild-Holzstöcken in den Drucken von 1563-1599
by Ilse O’Dell

The cardiovascular system at a glance (4th edn)
by Philip I. Aaronson, Jeremy P.T. Ward and Michelle J. Connolly

The second Ottoman Empire : political and social transformation in the early modern world
by Baki Tezcan

Dreams of modernity : psychoanalysis, literature, cinema
by Laura Marcus (On Display)

Modernity and bourgeois life : society, politics and culture in England, France and Germany since 1750
by Jerrold Seigel (On Display)

Reframing the feudal revolution : political and social transformation between Marne and Moselle, c. 800 – c. 1100
by Charles West

The rover
by Aphra Behn ; edited by Robyn Bolam

Archbishop Pole
by John Edwards (On Display)

Faisal I of Iraq
by Ali A. Allawi (On Display)

Metrics : what counts in global health
Vincanne Adams, editor

Principles of lasers (5th edn)
by Orazio Svelto ; translated from Italian and edited by David C. Hanna

A taste of honey : a play
by Shelagh Delaney

Ästhetische Kommunikation der Moderne
by Gerhard Plumpe (2 volumes)

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